What You Need To Know About Lopping Trees

What You Need To Know About Lopping Trees

This is basically an ancient method of tree pruning, basically cutting of the top if the trees, or you make call topped or lopped. This is basically done for so many reasons. One of the main reason for this will be for safety purposes or maybe for a new growth in case if the plant is not in a healthy condition, Allowing more light, and of course to reduce damages if the tree is in an unstable position. However this kind of treatment for the tree can actually cause a lot of damage to the tree, it will actually make the tree unhealthy and be more dangerous.

What can be done instead of Lopping?

Trees are grown freely, you basically cannot change its size. However trees can also be pruned in more respectable and creative way.Since Tree lopping Frankston is not the only option. If you treat the tree with proper pruning it may reduce the size of the tree, or even the width of certain trees. This particular method will allow you to keep the tree in the same exact location, but It will need a lot of attention and it will cost you a lot for maintenance. Incase if you still feel like this tree is way too big for the area, you can completely take it off and start it new with a plant that is more suitable for the area. However you should also check the local rules and regulations around the areas about a tree removal. Same time a qualified arborist Cranbourne will assist you in choosing the most suitable tree to be planted in the area and the climate.

Why should you avoid topping off trees.

Chopping of a tree trunk and the branches can be one of the most cruel thing to do for a tree and its unethical as well. However when a tree is completely topped off, most of the leaves are removed. By removing the leaves, you are basically removing the main food store to the tree. Basically letting the tree surviving by its reserved store bottom of the tree. If you think that a lopping a tree will actually make it grow healthy, it won’t. They will basically die and grow in an unhealthy way. However there will be new growth on the top of the tree, but It will be very weekly attached and it tends to grow very quickly and large, which will make the tree unstable and dangerous. It also may not look as attractive as it looked before. Such situations can be avoided with proper pruning methods.

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