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Psychotherapy – An Alternative To Conventional Medicine

Psychotherapy – An Alternative To Conventional Medicine

Mental disorders can also be treated using the benefits of psychology rather than conventional medical routes which involve the use of heavy medication to subdue the amount of undesirable mental issues. These medications are extremely powerful and therefore, have large amounts of side effects that are associated with the use of these medications such as extreme sleepiness, inability to grasp basic concepts and general lethargy. This means that people were suffering from mental issues would rather choose to take an alternative route rather than taking conventional medications as they are associated with large amounts of side effects which can further deteriorate the quality of life of individuals suffering from mental issues.

Psychotherapy is a proven and tested technique to treat a variety of different mental and post traumatic issues. Psychotherapy is essentially the use of psychology to treat these issues rather than using conventional medications to treat them. This means that people suffering from these issues would be much more comfortable in taking sessions of psychotherapy rather than taking large amounts of medications to treat the problems that they may be facing. This is because people are comfortable in the knowledge that having a psychological treatment has virtually no side effects while, having medical treatment by taking conventional medications can have a large amount of side effects which can further deteriorate the quality of life of the individual that are suffering from these issues.

Range of Problems Addressed Using Psychotherapy

At Dr Robert Dawborn Medical Psychotherapist, we provide a range of services related to anxiety counselling and even other post-traumatic effects which means that you can have the peace of mind that your medical issue will be treated using psychology and proven and tested techniques, rather than being treated with heavy dose of medication that can have severe amounts of side effects which can deteriorate the quality of life for many individuals.

Our service is completely accredited by medical institutions and you can use self-referral or be referred to us by your GP. This means that patients requiring repeated counselling sessions can also use their Medicare to offset the cost of the psychotherapy. This means that this can be a safe and affordable method to treat a wide variety of different problems.

All in all, if you need quality psychotherapy services then you need look no further than Robert Dawborn Medical Psychotherapist. With a large amount of experience treating patients with a wide variety if problems, you can rest assured that we have the necessary experience to deal with your particular problem which means that we are well equipped to handle the particular situation that you are in. We treat all our patients with extreme friendliness and go above and beyond what is normally expected of us to provide a service that you will be thoroughly be satisfied with and which will result in the treatment of your particular problem, without the need of strong medications! Browse this website to find out more details.

How To Help Children With Learning Disabilities

How To Help Children With Learning Disabilities

If you are reading this article then your child may have been diagnosed with a learning disability. When this happens the first thing that you would start to do is worry. This is understandable as every parent wants their child to do well academically. However, that does not mean that such a diagnosis would be the end of their academic career. That is because there are numerous steps that you can follow to help your child through this diagnosis.

Be Supportive

After receiving this diagnosis your child would have to face an educational assessment from Dyslexia & SLD Association of Victoria. We understand that all these tests can feel overwhelming. That is because it may feel as if your child would never be able to succeed. But keep in mind that these are only obstacles and everyone gets through obstacles. Therefore don’t feel discouraged. Furthermore, make sure that your child doesn’t feel discouraged. That is because in order to succeed they would need to have a fighting spirit. Therefore offer your child support during this difficult period.

Do Your Own Research

The most important thing that you need to do understand is that you need to become your child’s advocate. Your child may not always be able to speak up about their condition and stand up for themselves. Thus, that is why you need to do this on their behalf. However, in order to do this, you need to understand their condition. Experts may have given your child dyslexia test for children. However, make sure to do your own research. There are numerous books and research on these conditions. Furthermore, the internet can also be a wealth of knowledge. Therefore make sure that you become an expert on the condition that your child is suffering from. You should also talk to various experts in these fields. This includes everyone from therapists to teachers. That is because they would also be able to offer various ways to aid your child. But before settling on a specific method make sure to do your research beforehand.

Be Positive

At this age, your child will look at you for everything. Therefore the child would take a page from your book when it comes to the way you treat this condition. Thus, that is why it is important for you to remain positive. Then it would show the child that it is possible for them to overcome this disability and succeed. With the help of this guide, you can understand that this diagnosis is not the end of the world. It is more than possible for a child with these disabilities to succeed academically.

Role Of Sports Psychologist

Role Of Sports Psychologist

Psychologists are working so hard to make their impact in the lives of others when they are not facing a bad time. They are the reason to forgo the negativity in the mind and bring positive vibes in life what they achieve more and perform well in bad circumstances. Same as the case in the field of sports, there comes a time when an athlete is unable to perform up to mark or according to the performance he is capable of, this time is very difficult when one has no control on his thoughts and unable to cope up from such time. The psychologist works on the mental condition of the person and helps them to think positive which leads them to think of the positive factor that he can follow and make his effort worthy. Mental plays a very important aspect in the life of an athlete which makes him feel that he can do better than others and by staying positive with his performance he does extraordinarily better in the field. 

Sometimes it happens that one feels down and not able to perform well in field, if it happens in the time when there are very important matches coming up or you are facing a team which is not that much skill as you are then it leaves a very negative impact on the past records as well as on the expectations on the fans. In severe cases, it can impact on one’s career so to tackle such situations before time, psychologists work with the coach to maintain or improve the performance over time.

Other than that sports psychology Melbourne is helping many to identify the weaknesses or the factors which are working as an obstacle in desired performance as well as help them to use such strategies which helps them to face different challenges in their performances. The factors for which sports psychologist can help are

To achieve the desired level of confidence in their performance and communication

To deal with burnout and on-field conflicts

Coping strategies either related to injury or rehabilitation and emotions

Motivation and leadership skills

Team building and relaxations or stress management

Moreover, many other things can be improved with such help, in actual psychologist help to polish the great mental skills which make the difference in overall performance. Furthermore, sports psychology works as a sport to the coach which helps them to understand the psyche of each player and how to train them mentally for the matches and better future performances.