Adding A Touch Of The Seventies To Your Home

Adding A Touch Of The Seventies To Your Home

Well, the seventies certainly had a lot of things going on from the rapid increase in the percentage of youngsters getting their hearts broken due to the breakup of the all-time favourite Beatles Band, to the invention of pocket sized calculators that made mathematics and life a whole lot easier. And not to forget all the bad times lots of economies faced, but with the bad comes good right? To make things clear, what strikes out in that era is the style of interior, design and architecture that was incorporated in their homes. The trend’s still new and definitely very interesting, so here’s a few ideas you can steel from the 70s when you’re designing a new home or renovating your old one.

Peacock Chairs and Velvet Sofas.

Incorporating a pinch of the seventies is actually kind of easy, especially if you’re already a rainbows and unicorns person and have a tendency to throw a bit of colour everywhere you go. Stepping back into that era, you would mostly see that the Sofas and office chairs had a layer of soft velvet coating them in bright and eye catching colours. Velvet is being the new thing now especially to give your living room a touch of class and Royalty. Oh and when I say peacock chairs, it’s nothing near turquoise blue if that’s what you’re thinking. In fact, peacock chairs are unique vintage chairs made of vine that’s from Asia. They’re so rare and romantic, you’d undoubtedly want to have one.

Patterns and Patchwork.

Who doesn’t like flowers? Especially when they’re in a white table clothes or bead spreads, all patchwork style bursting in spontaneous colours, dragging back its origin from the seventies. If vintage floral isn’t your jam, then go for overdone patterns and extremely confusing geometric shapes. Once you get your painting services Morley done, it’s just a matter of getting artistic and carefree when you’re choosing what kind of weird drawings you’re going to throw in. Although the decade is known to be forgotten and quite despised for their style of interior and design, their attitudes and approach to a carefree style of living is now much liked by lots today. We’re here to break rules and do what we like.

Shag Rugs and Rock Walls.

For all those that spend hours on staring at everything Tumbler, hipster and grunge, this is going to be your next favourite on the list. These Oh-so aesthetic rugs are definitely a must buy if you’re going retro when you’re redecorating your home. These shaggy rugs are made of long yarn fibres and you’d definitely be stepping on them if you travelled back in time to the era of misfortunes, i.e. the seventies. If you loved their style you’d also get your painters to use a unique colour pallet on the wall to match the glam rock theme that took over the seventies. Visit this link for more info on painters Perth HIlls.

House Plants and Wall hangers.

Let’s just say that when the seventies began, so did people’s intimacy with the environment. Homeowners and renovators became environmentally sustainable and got creative with what’s available at home. Not only did they water the plants outside but having little pots and plants inside was highly appreciated. They grew watching their plants grow, and now that clearly is a beautiful concept. Also wall hangers were a huge thing back then. Add in macramé and Bam you’ll have an amazing work of art spun with love and lots of effort adorning your walls.

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